Quick Support

After speaking with a Computer Resource technician you can use the instructions provided below to allow them to connect to your computer securely.

Step 1.
Click the button below and download the software

Step 2.
      a. Internet Explorer
You should see a banner across the bottom of the windows that looks similar to the one below, choose “Run” and the program will start automatically.

      b. Chrome/Firefox
The download will be saved to your downloads folder on your computer and your will need to open it manually. You should see something similar to the banner below at the bottom of your browser window, you then need to click on the button to open the software.

Step 3.
You may be prompted with a UAC message, click “Yes” to allow access.

Step 4.
You should see a window that looks like the one below, you will need to let the technician know your ID and Password that it generates. Sometimes it may take a moment or two to generate an ID/Password.